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Make Book Movie Trailer Video Online with After Effects template

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How to make your book stand out with a trailer video maker AE template


Dear self-published author, what are you doing to market your books? It must be hectic to do all the marketing and follow-throughs yourself. Video marketing should be high on your list of priorities because it can dramatically increase your exposure.


Have you wondered why a lot of writers are investing in book promo trailers? I'll explain some of the advantages in a little while. Technology has made resources available to us, so anyone can learn how to make a book trailer with a Windows movie maker.


It's just a matter of you finding the ideal treasures for your campaign. Is your career just taking off, or probably you went on hiatus, and things are a bit slow right now? Nonetheless, you succeeded in writing a potential best-seller and want to spread the word. Let me walk you through the fundamentals of using AE video editing software to create a book promo visualizer.


Need it quick? Try this Glitch Effect After Effects template and see!


In all honesty, you'll not attract viewers if your visuals aren't engaging and entertaining. Add stunning visuals to bring your story elements and characters to life. Wait, I know what you're thinking: will this cost me extra money to shoot scenes?


Not at all! Listen, you don't need to source new material for your book promo video because you can use scanned images and footage or check our media library for stock picks. After all, the essence of using a professionally-made AE template is to simplify video creation, not further complicate things.


For instance, this template lets you add a brand logo (1 image), text (11 lines), music, and photos or videos (5 clips). By the time you finish animating these assets, you won't believe you did it. A 52 seconds video like this usually takes about 30 minutes or less with our easy-to-use movie trailer editor for Windows desktop. 


Need creative text? Use our video editor to animate your book titles!


Stylize your text and title with fancy fonts to personalize your content. Whether you're looking for modern text blocks, simple styling, or kinetic typography, our creations will inspire you. Let me explain how animating your titles with AE layers can improve your video design.


Use our template to design creative typography and incorporate text effects. Our media library has tons of customized text presets too. With our online book trailer maker, you can add professional scrolling credits, captions, and titles to your video.

Change the features of your text to enhance the aesthetics. Some of the things you can do include adjusting the alignment, color, opacity, size, and font style. You'd imagine you need specialized skills for this. Not at all.


Movie trailer editor: What is the secret to making a fantastic book trailer?


You have the ultimate tool to make a promotional trailer to advertise your book at your fingertips. Let me tell you how to persuade your audience. Structure your scenes similar to a movie trailer: establish the premise, introduce your main characters and explain the incredible ordeals they must overcome. It's worthwhile to give them a taste of your book through visuals.


It'll get readers excited once they know the rhythm of the story and see the principal characters. Your trailer will increase their desire to find out how the story ends. Take a moment to drop hints, a possible resolution for the dilemma your characters are experiencing.


Remember, you are doing this to connect with your target audience and create a fan base. You must make a positive first impression and deliver on your promise. Get all the resources you need for an unprecedentedly low price: purchase our unlimited monthly subscription now!


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