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Make a Book Trailer or Game Trailer with our Online Video Editor & Movie Maker App

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Make a trailer for promoting your book, game, or movie and captivate your audience. A promo video is crucial to a successful product launch or marketing campaign. We are very proud to have the best epic book trailer templates on our video editor online, allowing you to easily create an animated trailer for an affordable price.

We worked very hard to produce a professional game trailer video template that, together with our online trailer maker, is sure to satisfy even the most demanding book author or Independent film producer.

How to make a book trailer?

Just launch our online movie trailer maker by clicking the button above. Our simple video editing tool will let you customize this template with your own story, photos, video clips, and music. Then, when you are done uploading your content, a free video will be produced in minutes.

The trailer video example above is promoting a book, but it could also promote a game or something else that fits that burning Viking ship design. Our trailer video maker app lets you personalize the text, fire colors, insert your own pictures, footage, and music. You can also insert your logo at the end instead of the book mockup.

It is free to create low-resolution videos, so go ahead and create a book trailer now. The price is see displayed on the top of the page is for producing a Full HD video. You will be amazed at the quality of the final video. Then download the mp4 video file and use it on your Youtube channel or wherever you want.

If you just want to use parts of the video, you can customize just the template parts you need. Then produce the video, download it, and use any video editing software to cut it. Unfortunately, our online video editor was made just for editing and rendering Adobe After Effects templates, so it does not have advanced video editing.
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