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Make Cool Movie Trailer Video Online with After Effects template

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Make a cool movie trailer for your YouTube channel

Are you a content creator looking to market your content? Do you want people to subscribe to your YouTube channel? For you to achieve that, it’s best to have an attractive channel trailer.

A cool movie trailer shows viewers the uniqueness of your brand and gives them a reason why they should subscribe to your channel. An engaging video is a key to getting viewers, having a stable subscriber base, and monetizing your channel. In short, a channel trailer enables people to find and support your work easily.

Makewebvideo.com takes video editing simplicity to the next level. Our user-friendly template built by professionals allows you to make a movie trailer video by inserting up to 11 video clips, 37 text lines, and a logo image. With a duration of 58 seconds, you can easily capture your audience’s attention.

What’s unique about our trailer video maker

You can customize

There are a lot of video templates online, but most of them aren’t customizable. An added advantage of our epic trailer maker is that you can customize as you wish. The template comprises color and font features to enable you to modify your video. It gives you a chance to create a video that matches your content and brand.


As compared to other video templates online, ours is affordable. Why? Because we understand the challenges that startups go through, and for that reason, we ensure that they don’t spend thousands of dollars on a video editor. When you create a video using our template, we charge you a reasonable amount.

High-quality and professional

When it comes to running a business, professionalism is key. Experienced video editing experts design our trailer video maker to ensure you get the best high-quality video. A professional video can be used anywhere, such as when doing presentations, can be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc.

Tips of creating a stunning video using our movie trailer editor

Keep it short and precise.

Your videos are the face of your channel, so ensure your trailer is short and sweet. Around 58 seconds is enough time to pass your message across. Think of your YouTube channel as a creative elevator pitch; all you have to do is describe your brand in a nutshell, in a way that any viewer can understand.

Show viewers what to expect.

When creating a video, consider using different footage to show viewers what to expect if they subscribe to your channel. It wouldn’t be a complete trailer without some teaser shots, right? It’s a great chance of giving people a quick but appealing taste of your content and a good way of enticing them to subscribe.

Make it fun and interesting.

Imagine watching a boring video; I am sure you can’t last 15 seconds; the next thing you’ll do is skip and proceed to the next. People love entertaining videos and for that reason, ensure yours is exciting to watch. When viewers enjoy watching your video, chances are they will share it with their family and friends.

How to promote your trailer video?

It’s time to promote your video now that it’s ready. There are different ways to get your video watched by people, such as;

Social media: Your social media networks are one of your company’s key owned audiences, so certainly, consider pushing out your video on your social media feeds.

Paid ads: You can sponsor your video and reach a bigger audience by paying a small fee.

Website: Another great way of engaging prospective customers is by inserting a video on your website.


In short, a good channel trailer can set you ahead of your competitors. As a video production company, we want to ensure your business stands out from the crowd.




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