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Want to sell more movie tickets? Invest in an online trailer video editor


Soaring marketing cost is a growing concern for every filmmaker and investor these days. For this reason, ready-made video templates have become a sought-after digital marketing resource. Do you make movies? You probably know how to make a movie trailer in Premiere Pro or use similar video editors.


You’ll love what we have in store for you, whether you know how to use one or not. Our browser-based film trailer software is your best bet to reduce your movie advertising budget. Thanks to digital technology, creating trailers is less demanding and more profitable.


With premade templates, adding special effects and professional animation to pre-recorded footage is easier. OK, I know what you're thinking now: how can you do this without technical knowledge or skills? Let me break things down so that you can understand how everything works.


Best movie trailer editor for intelligent automation


Film producers who use this method can work more efficiently. Our automated movie trailer software employs an advanced precision-rendering technique to deliver crisp motion pictures. It automatically renders your media files: text (9 lines), pre-recorded footage (4 clips), and your logo image (1).


The ready-made template you see above has predefined presets that allow you to add custom content. It takes under 30 minutes to produce a teaser trailer. Yes, it’s that quick. Plus, your trailer is the ideal length - only 31 seconds.


As a filmmaker, you can preview and edit your footage on site. Plus, you’ll stay on budget and meet your scheduled deadline. Another upside is that you won’t have to delay production because of external factors like unfavorable weather conditions.


Why should I invest in a YouTube channel trailer maker?


Let me explain how pre-designed templates can help you produce a professional-grade movie trailer. In minutes, you can create a movie preview for YouTube or another channel. With it, you can effortlessly make your audience excited and anxious to see your upcoming film.


Essentially, it lets you customize your short-form films with advanced After Effects like Premiere Pro without learning complex techniques. It speeds up workflow and improves creativity. We have the best pre-animated templates to make your movies look remarkable.


Now that there are so many distribution channels, filmmakers can maximize digital advertising opportunities. One of the advantages is that this format requires minimum to no investment. It is cheaper than entrusting a freelance filmmaker with your project.


Versatile After Effects trailer video editor template to make exciting short films


Have you been searching for a reliable movie trailer video maker to automate your film editing process? Your search ends here because our pre-animated text title trailer After Effects template and video maker will speed up your processes. With it, you can strategically organize eye-popping excerpts that highlight your lead characters and best action scenes. It features:


  • Neat organization. Your video will have a clean, organized design.


  • Simple editing. Our template is easy to navigate, and customization is effortless.


  • High-resolution footage. The video file is high-quality, and we encourage users to add high-resolution media to ensure optimal performance.


  • Add crisp, audible sound effects. You can upload your music or choose royalty-free versions from our stock library.




Today, many film editing software is on the market, but only a few can deliver impressive compositions like Premiere Pro. If you want professional-quality trailers for your film release, this is the most inexpensive option. It's also a scalable solution that can help you sustainably grow your filmmaking business. 


Fortunately, our global team consists of top After Effects animators and designers. Therefore, we can consistently publish these awesome ready-made templates that look professional. Try this action movie trailer software if you don’t have time to learn advanced After Effects techniques.


Broadcast your movie trailers on various social media channels to maximize your advertising ROI. Purchase our low-cost unlimited monthly subscription and download all your projects in HD.

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