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Whiteboard Animated Explainer - Create Your Own Promo Video

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This template is great for promoting almost any kind of business, product, website, or service. The design that looks very professional and a large number of different options of cartoon drawings will allow you to create a stunning whiteboard animated video trailer.

What is whiteboard animation?

"Whiteboard animation" refers to a certain kind of presentation that uses the method of building a series of draw pictures on a whiteboard to produce an animated presentation. This type of animation ads has been used constantly on TV, websites, and other social networks channels like YouTube or Facebook, to promote a business or it’s the product to the public.

Whiteboard animation is more like a tool to produce a very descriptive, story-telling video to draw the attention of a wide variety of people, who would be interested in what you have to offer. It can also be used for educational purposes.

Nowadays, creating tutorial video trailers with whiteboard animation is becoming very popular. It's a very convenient way to describe all the information, that needs to be presented to a wide range of potential customers or viewers.

How to create a whiteboard explainer video to promote your business?

You could hire a professional team of animators and designers to do it, but it sure would cost you an enormous amount of money and take some time. However, thanks to our online video editing software, you do have an option to create the same quality video, but much faster and cheaper.

All you need to do is to choose a template of whiteboard animation from our library with the style of drawings, that would suit you the best way. Then you can watch our sample that was constructed by one of our animators, to give you the idea of what you are going to see after producing a video itself. And if you are satisfied with everything you’ve seen, just click a button to start customizing the template to create a unique whiteboard animation for your ad.

How easy to use our online video editor?

To use our online video editor web app is super easy. Our animators made the software very simple in use, so to create this animated whiteboard explainer video, would be an easy task for you. All you have to do is to insert the text and logo, choose the drawings, and pick background music, that would suit your requirements.

Once you have fully customized the template with our online editor, it will take just a few minutes to produce a high-quality video, that will please and surprise you with its greatness.

To try our tool to create a sample video is free for you. So, go ahead and click the button above to start creating an amazing low-cost whiteboard animated video to promote your business or product in the most colorful way.

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