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Create a Short Whiteboard Animation Teaser Promo Video

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This whiteboard animation template is short but efficient at promoting your business or services. So, if you are looking for a short whiteboard video, this is it. This video template lets you insert up to 22 text lines, 2 logo design and 2 icons.

Press the button to launch our online video editor to customize this template with your advertisement content and create your video. Then you just have to go through all the parts displayed and replace the existing text, photos, and footage with yours.

If you are only interested in some parts of the video, just skip the parts you don't need, create the video, download it, and use another video editing tool to cut it. It's not possible to add or remove slides and cut the video from our editor.

If you want to add voice over, you can upload an mp3 file when editing the template or you can download the created video and add the audio with another video editor.

It's super easy to produce an animated whiteboard video with our online video maker. It is free to create a low-resolution video with watermark. Create your video now!
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