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Create a Whiteboard Animated Video To Promote Your Business

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A promotional video based on this whiteboard animated template will grab the attention of your visitors. This explainer video template gives you plenty of room to explain the benefits of your product or service.

If you are serious about advertising or promoting your business, having a professional animated whiteboard video is a must, and this template lets you create a video easily.

How to create a whiteboard video? Press the button above to start our template video editor and customize this template with your own text, photos, and video clips.

This is a very generic whiteboard video template that can be used for promoting various types of businesses. It all depends on the content, photos or video clips that you insert. If you cannot find footage in our library that fits what you want to market, we recommend you look on the internet, where you will find various low cost and even free providers.

When creating our template video editor, our goal was to make it as simple and minimalistic as possible so the video production process would be very fast and simple. This came at a cost. The editor does not allow you to add or remove slides and you also cannot add new elements to the template. You can only chance the elements already in the original design.

If you want to remove certain slides from the video, you can download the video file and use a video editing software to cut the video. Because we chose simplicity over flexibility, this cannot be done from inside our tool. But, on the other hand, this allows our templates to be more complex.
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