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Create an Animated Explainer Video with 3d Character Alfred

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This explainer video template, featuring the animated 3d character "Alfred", is a great choice for promoting your business and the services or products you sell. The duration of your video will be 1 minute and 53 seconds, and you can insert 2 logo design, 16 images or video clips and up to 38 text lines.

How to create an animated explainer video with 3d character? We made the creation process very  simple. With our video template editor you can customize this template online. We provide a super easy to use editing interface where you will be able to change the template and make it fits you needs. Just press the button above to get started.

When creating our video tool, our goal was to make the whole video production process very easy. To accomplish that, we had to limit what you can change on the template. You will not be able to insert your own 3d character and you will not be able to insert graphical elements where there currently is none. All you can do is replace the existing text, photos, video clip, the music and change colors. But even with these limitations, the end result will look very professional.

If you are only interested in a smaller section of the video, just customize the slides you need. Then after the video has been produced, you can download it and use a video editor to cut it.

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