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Make a Color Smoke Logo Reveal Video with After Effects template

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Logo reveal After Effects template - build the brand mascot you always wanted


Every business or brand needs logo animation to show off their personality, uniqueness and improve communication. Sometimes you might feel stuck when you have limited financing but still want the best design. It’s time you learn how to animate ordinary saved images and footage.


Guess what? Every animation you make after you try this color smoke intro will be a cakewalk. This preloaded video project lets you transform your media assets in a flash. Have you ever found yourself wanting more for your brand or company presence?


Now you have the ultimate toolkit to put together a quick, magical logo reveal for 12 seconds playback. You already have a layout you can tailor to your business needs. If your brand is not getting enough impressions and air time, that’s about to change.


Perfectly animated particle logo reveal for a memorable intro scene!


Watch as the color smoke trail clears to unveil your logo in this dramatic reveal. Jazz up any dull business promo intro in an instant. Are you ready?


Register now or log in to edit this design. Start working on your video project right away. Just tap edit this template to begin. Open the composition folder, and you’ll see the dashboard with step-by-step instructions to edit the layers.


This trendy design contains one customizable text layer, one logo placeholder, and you may include pre-recorded video clips or images if you like. After that, you can use our color picker to apply your brand palettes and even change text fonts. With our easy-to-use built-in tools, you can also resize and reposition design elements.


Color smoke intro maker - can it hook your audience right from the start?


Absolutely! Logo reveals use eye-popping theatrics and music to captivate viewers’ attention the moment your video starts. You place this scene at the beginning of your intro to make a positive first impression on your viewers. You need a consistent logo design to make your brand unmissable and memorable.


Let’s dig a little deeper to understand why logo reveals are an essential branding tool. Remember this: your first few seconds are critical because it helps viewers’ decide if they should watch or move on from your content. That’s why you need this particle logo reveal to spice up your intro and make it memorable.


With it, it’s easy to maintain consistency across all your video projects, no matter where you publish them. Well-made logo animations that are dynamic, detailed, and expressive in a meaningful way can boost engagement. It doesn’t have to be flashy, as long as your audience can quickly interpret your messages and love the showcase.


Need a modern energy logo reveal for your intro scene?


You’ve already spent a decent amount of money on logo animation but still don’t have a design you feel accurately defines your company? Fret not! This featured logo mockup from our catalog is a show-stopper! Keep your introductions short, colorful, and to the point.


Create a fashionably animated logo design that tells it all. With the best-in-class tools to generate custom logo reveal videos at your fingertips, you can apply professional overlay effects, filters, transitions, and more. Enhancement features like this help set the tone, rhythm, and mood to improve storytelling.


Whether you need a logo reveal After Effects base for Instagram stories, YouTube shorts, or other channels, this alternative can be an asset. This animation is simple yet timeless, memorable, versatile, and adaptable. Use it to communicate complex brand concepts and ideas in a relevant, relatable way.


The takeaway


Why should you invest in post-production templates? You’ll get a clean, polished commercial-quality design built to your specifications. It’s a simple, fast, effective way to promote your company or brand.


You’ll spend less money to use this service than enlisting a professional or agency. You are in control of every aspect of production. Plus, you don’t require any specialized skills because our video maker features powerful automation software. In short, you don’t have to do anything manually.


Just drag and drop elements into place until you get the result you want. Remember to include custom branding features and music before your render. That’s it! Choose any distribution method you like, share or export your downloadable Mp4 video. Get a one-time license for full-HD download or purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to make as many copies as you like.

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