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Make Colorful Smoke Logo Reveal Video with After Effects template

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How to create an exciting brand story in minutes? Claim your colorful smoke logo animation!


Have you ever found yourself struggling to make your company or brand unforgettable? Emulate what top brands out there are doing to get their business noticed. Highlight the differentiators, personality, style, purpose, and uniqueness of your brand.


It’s just impossible for someone to forget a brand that uses cleverly crafted logo animation to play out their story. With interactivity, one can’t help but imagine themselves facing the real-world scenarios captured in your logo sting. Moreover, using animated logos as a storytelling device can be rewarding if done correctly. It’ll help you put your brand experiences into context with depth and conviction.


That way, you’ll help your potential audience experience the most authentic version of your brand. You can use our colorful smoke logo reveal After Effects template to sum it up in 12 seconds. Let’s start with your logo design and tagline.


How to do a stylish brand unveiling with dynamic smoke logo intro graphics?


So you’ve watched the sample video and believe it brings the right degree of theatrics you’d want to inject into your brand unveiling. Let’s do a quick test video to see what the design looks like in real-time. First, you have to open the composition folder by clicking edit.


Now you’re in the dashboard menu, where you can upload your media files. Remember to add high-resolution images and footage to ensure optimal video quality. You can choose the placement of your brand mark, logo, or typeface.


Spice it up with your favorite icons, illustrations, music, and creative stock assets from our media gallery to add a unique touch. Next, you can redo the color palette to match your brand, alter background elements, add stylized typography and filters. Although the whole process sounds tedious and time-consuming, our auto-render engine makes it seem simple.


Use this colorful smoke logo reveal After Effects template for instant brand recall!


Let me explain why pulling off clever logo animation tricks for brands in today’s competitive business landscape is essential. Foremost, let’s discuss the importance of creating a logo opener video. It introduces your brand to the world and shows ownership.


You’ll be able to incorporate visible elements that make your brand easily identifiable and create touchpoints to boost engagement. Some of the things you can use to establish a unique brand identity are your logo design, theme, colors, and typefaces.


Sometimes you might need help developing a strategic approach to communicate what your brand strives for and represents. This logo sting will present your brand and ideas in the most creative way possible. With this, you can create an enriching brand experience that stays with the viewer. When individuals can immediately associate your enterprise with positive, meaningful experiences, they won’t ever forget your brand.




Logo animation shows the multidimensional personalities of your brand. When viewers watch your videos and interact with your brand touchpoints, they’ll form a deeper emotional connection with it. Ultimately, this can lead to them referring or sharing your content, website, or channel.

Honestly, this is a highly effective branding strategy to attract more attention, spark a discussion, and build your credibility. With animated logo openers, you say less and do more. So, in a nutshell, you can communicate meaning with fewer words.

Plus, you won’t have to put a lot of effort and time into making your brand visible. This plug-and-play video template launches right on your web browser, so you don’t have to install any plugins. You can fill the layers, customize the background graphics and add branding in less than 30 minutes.

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