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Make Neon Stroke Logo Reveal Video with After Effects template

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Logo intro template - branded videos made easy


Do you want to learn how to make branded promotional ads for your business? Improve the quality of your production with this predefined neon stroke logo reveal template. Instantly customize your logo design.


Try this clean, crisp, elegant animation from our collection; no prior editing experience is required. Each pre-animated template has easy-to-follow customization steps and an intuitive cloud-powered logo intro generator. Create your video commercials on your web browser; no plug-in or installation is necessary.


Generate an industry-standard logo ad design with modern text, slogan, and special effects animation in 30 minutes tops. Real-time project preview and on-the-spot revisions before production. Pleased with the results? Same-day turnaround for your downloadable HD video (no watermark, Mp4).


Customize digital neon stroke logo reveal video in 1-2-3 quick steps


Follow these steps to tweak this neon stroke logo reveal template and incorporate personalized branding. Our app uses point-and-click functionality for frictionless navigation to minimize your frustrations with repetitive tasks. It uses auto-render for fast, efficient, high-quality image processing.

1: Pick a ready-made template from various custom designs on our website.

2: Press edit (look below the video) to open the project folder and launch the built-in editing tool. Use the upload icon to import media directly from any storage location (connected devices or computer).

Insert your brand logo design, tagline, images or footage, and music for 10 seconds of playback. It lets you add custom branding assets to elevate your signature and differentiate your company.

3: Finally, hit render to produce your logo intro video.


Reuse the finished product as many times as you want. Use any compatible video editor for advanced modifications, or contact us for professional custom solutions. There's a small fee for this service.


Best digital logo reveal - how to keep your brand relevant?


Personalized branding helps your company convey an authentic, consistent message about your enterprise. You won't regret using this stroke logo reveal After Effects template. With it, you can showcase your brand assets, make announcements, promote new services or products and build your visual identity.


Let me explain why this is a good thing for your business. Consumers will engage with your brand more and enjoy watching your ads because it is entertaining and provides a unique value proposition. Change the color scheme of this 3D animation, and use appropriate typography and text to complement your company.


The styling of this logo design is modest yet exquisite and has colorful neon color effects that add character to the pitch-black background. Increase the production value of your corporate presentation and communicate meaningful, authentic brand stories that delight customers. Catch and hold viewers' attention within the first few seconds of interaction without trying too hard.


DIY After Effects neon logo intro template - what are the benefits?


Foremost, let's discuss how beneficial this can be for your business and custom branding needs. Any template you own is reusable, so you can use parts of it for another project if you wish. Cut out the middleman and get your designs directly from the source for unbeatable prices.


Make your choice from hundreds of trending predefined templates. With a ready-to-go logo reveal template, you don't have to start from scratch. No lessons or training is necessary.


Instant customization options and speedy auto-render processing enable designers to deliver products faster. Now you can scale production capacity and meet client demands effortlessly. Create strongly branded high-impact video ads that look expensive but cost less.




Let's recap how easy it is to make DIY branded videos for business advertising. Get a professional corporate intro video with a 3D stroke logo revealing After Effects for any industry. Make all types of corporate branding ads with ease. It's not difficult to edit this video project at all. Leave your unique signature everywhere your brand goes.


This logo sting can make a memorable intro sequence for YouTube videos, social media shorts, or your homepage. Editing this design is as easy as A-B-C. Publish your downloaded video anywhere you wish.

Upload your assets now! Update your video design with this logo opener. Personalize it with colors that define your brand to build recognition, increase awareness, earn customer trust, and become an industry leader. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription for premium features and extra cost savings. 

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