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Make Best Movie Opening Title Video with After Effects template

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Here's how you can add gold particles title effects to your movie instantly


So you’ve just finished a film project, and now it’s time to promote it. How do you market your project effectively and ensure it gets the recognition it deserves? Of course, you need the best trailer to get everyone's attention.

How you present your content is everything. Therefore, all the treatments added to your trailer, including the titles, text, and motion graphic elements, must be magnificent. All these elements greatly influence the reception your film gets. Moreover, these defining details contribute to the overall success of your movie.

With this sleek motion graphics template with gold particle effects, you can instantly make fancy titles for your movie. It’s a pretty simple technique that doesn’t require any expert knowledge or creative design skills. Do you want to learn how this works? Let’s go.


Completely customizable gold particles animation


This movie opening sequence displays your logo with taglines (21) and video clips or images (10). It has an easy-to-use import tool that lets you load your media files into the template quickly. You get to preview the progress of your project on the spot and make last-minute modifications before the final cut.


Our title pack lets you animate any video with cinematic gold text effects. What you’ll get is 1 minute, 5 seconds of pre-rendered footage. It features a modular structure that enables you to customize elements in your timeline with ease.


With single-click controllers, you can alter the layers, accent colors, fonts, and more, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Now you can streamline all those dreaded repetitive post-production like adding special effects to text.


Creating the best movie opening titles doesn’t have to be stressful!


Creating movie titles can be tricky. What can you do to get someone to push that play button? It must be inspirational, entertaining, engaging, topic-oriented, and memorable to work well.


The problem is, it takes a lot of time and effort to draft elegant titles that captivate spectators immediately. Let's dig a little deeper to identify the top three challenges creatives face when formulating titles.


  • Creative block. When you need unique concepts and ideas for your film project, our title opener here can be a source of inspiration.


  • Time-intensive editing. Editing titles by hand can be fatiguing and time-consuming; especially, if you have limited knowledge and experience.


  • Consistency. A lot of work goes into coming up with a unique theme that your production label identifies with so that your loyal fans can spot your work easily. Fortunately, you can speed up this process with our drag-and-drop editor.


Honestly, this is the easiest way to make stylized movie opening titles with animated effects. If you want the short amount of time you spend with viewers to count, you must give them a reason to stick around. With the right amount of creative titling and details in your timeline, it'll do all the selling for you.


Why use this Gold particles movie text generator?


When your film has high-quality graphics with a well-done opening title sequence like this, your content will get discovered easily. If your headline looks visually appealing and fits your movie theme, it’ll be hard to miss. With our movie title creator, you can use a text style for all your videos to give your content a consistent film look.


It offers a range of customization options to help you create the best movie trailer design. You can select industry-specific styles to differentiate your production label and help it stand out as a leader. Whether you want to create effects for your text or titles, this template equips you with powerful transitions, filters, and animated elements.


Get any size text you like, whether you prefer juicy, bold letters or a minimalist style that looks professional. All of our templates are HD-ready, so you can instantly download your movie title opener without watermark branding as an Mp4. If you’re doing a one-off project, you can pay per video download. It's free to sample any template you like, but don’t just take my word for it, try one today.


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