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Make Particles Title Video Online with After Effects template

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Super Easy way to make opening title After Effects video animation


How you open your video is a defining moment. Have you wondered why? The opening or title sequence sets the stage for the rest of your presentation.


For that reason, it’s paramount that you compose the best title video. After all, this is what viewers will use to set expectations for your brand and business. So, that said, you need help creating industry-standard video ads.


What’s the most effective and economical approach? Editable title video templates offer incredible customization options and branding solutions for any industry. Let me tell you more about how it works and why it’s a worthwhile investment, especially for small ventures.


Easy editing with this Gold Particle title After Effects template


Just choose the animation that fits your project perfectly and tailor the design to your needs. Within minutes you can transform simple text into stylish titles for your intro sequence. Our automated title video template contains replaceable placeholders for taglines (17), images or clips (7), and your logo design.


Using the built-in drag-and-drop tool, you can import media from any source onto the layers quickly. Choose elegant fonts, colors, and branding elements to make your text look better. Give your title video a unique design and flavor with beautiful transitions.


This cloud-based title video maker does everything automatically, so you don’t have to lift a finger. It has a fast rendering that does all cutting, cropping, and editing for you. Don’t fret. Rest assured, this sorts, compiles and merges your clips with surgical precision. Now you’re almost done, you can choose a sound for your title sequence to play with your animation for 52 seconds.


How does this gold particles movie help your brand?


Stylish, creative opening titles make your promo videos look more appealing so that it catches the attention of curious minds immediately. The few seconds you get with those eyeballs is a critical time, so you must make your first impression count. At this point, using plain old text is not compelling enough.


Adding this gleaming gold particles animation to your title sequence with a musical hook and visual cues will give your video a unique flair. It’ll authentically sell your brand theme and incite curiosity in your audience. Now you can ensure they won’t stop watching the moment they hit play.

Here you have the perfect headliner to start a conversation on your business website or socials. You can use it as it is or tweak the graphics to match your style. Customize it on the spot and download, share, or export your finished copy.


Benefits of using our customizable Gold Particles title template


Before we go any further, let me show you how this streamlined video project template can simplify making marketing videos for you. With this, anyone can create a stunning title opener in a matter of minutes. So what generally took hours, sometimes, days for motion graphics experts to accomplish is now attainable in flash times.


  • Quick and easy branding. Customizing this opening title animation is pretty simple with our intuitive online video editor. You can change the preset colors to complement your brand logo design.


  • Instant downloads. Create a full HD version of your opening title video in Mp4 format. Use it anywhere you like, for instance, your socials, website, or app. Furthermore, it’s compatible with any external software, so you can do advanced edits if you like.


  • Play audio with your animation. Include a musical number to set the mood and subtly hook your audience.


  • Easy-to-use editing tools are on deck. Our customization panel offers an incredible arsenal of editing tools so you can cut, crop, edit, and merge your clips right inside the template.


  • Streamlined workflow. We’re giving you a workspace and the best resources to do exceptional video editing. Taking an automated approach to video creation, design, and production will get you to your goals faster. Moreover, this cuts your production time, reduces operating costs, and eliminates bottlenecks in your processes since everything is virtually online.


  • Use compelling CTAs. Don’t lose their attention. Put subtle calls to action that are interactive and functional. These serve as both treatments and messengers that won’t take away from your message.


Getting started with your first title video is easy, but don't just take my word for it; explore our template library to find a design that completes your brand now. You can try a few templates until you find one that fits the occasion. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription for maximum returns.

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