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Make Logo Animation Video with After Effects template in Minutes

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Make a stunning logo animation video based on AE template

Are you a startup business owner or a content creator looking to create a captivating animated logo intro video? With this video template, you can make a logo animation video by inserting one text line and a logo image. With a total duration of ten seconds, you can create a video that will take your business from point A to B.

Let me explain how powerful a logo animated video is to a business. A logo introduction video generates a positive memory of your brand and your business as a whole. For this reason, having an attractive logo introduction video is essential since some people are likely to forget about your brand’s name but will instantly relate to your logo.

Whether you’re promoting a product or doing a presentation, an animated logo will give your brand the visibility it deserves. The most amazing thing about this template is that you’re guaranteed a high-quality and professional video. Unlike most other online video templates, ours has inbuilt editing tools with unique features that allow you to enhance your creativity. Imagine what it would feel like when people look at your logo introduction video and instantly identify what your business entails?

Top 3 reasons why you need to have an after effects logo intro for your business

Animated logos are captivating

Although some businesses benefit from the fact that viewers are consuming more online content, they may still struggle to hold the attention of prospective customers. Suppose you’re a startup owner and your brand is utilizing video content. In that case, you’re now ahead of the game because statistically, brands that embrace video marketing strategy demonstrate higher conversion rates than those that don’t. If video content can grab viewers’ attention, imagine what it would be like to add your animated logo to your presentation video.

A logo introduction video increases brand awareness

One of the primary roles of a logo is creating and increasing brand visibility; that’s why most brands invest in animated logos. Did you know that animated logos are more recognizable and memorable to viewers than static logos? It may take a customer several interactions with a still logo to recognize it, whereas an animated logo will immediately leave a lasting impression on viewers’ minds.

For example, when you look at some of the most recognized brands globally, they use short logo clips that leave a lasting impression on viewers’ minds.

Animated logos are great storytelling tools

Did you know that the art of storytelling is a powerful technique for creating an emotional connection with viewers? An animated logo can play a huge role in contributing to your brand’s overall narrative. When you pick a still logo for your business, you interrupt the narrative and break the emotional connection with your customers.

According to statistics, people watching online content have increased immensely than television over the past few years. As more people choose to watch online content over television, businesses need to adjust to this change. As a business owner, investing more in video content can make a huge difference for your brand, whether by increasing revenue or reaching a bigger audience.


With the above video template, you can create your logo animation video in minutes. If you want to incorporate background music into it, we’ve taken care of that by providing you with copyright-free songs at your disposal. We also give you the preference of uploading music from your collection.

There are so many advantages of using this video template, whether in terms of professionalism or affordability.





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