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Make Cinematic Title Slideshow Video with After Effects template

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Create a cinematic slideshow video with after effects template

Do you want to learn how to make a cinematic slideshow video? With the above template, you can make a professional and high-quality video in minutes. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: how can you create a stunning video with zero video editing experience? You don’t need any video editing expertise to create a masterpiece with our online readymade video template.

To create an outstanding video with the above template, you need to insert up to twelve video clips, twenty-five text lines, and a logo image. Please note that the total video duration shouldn’t exceed fifty-nine seconds. It’s critical to note that creating an attractive video is an essential marketing tool for your business, whether a startup or an established firm.

An eye-catching cinematic trailer will get viewers hooked on your video from start to finish. If you’re wondering, the best videos are usually short and precise since they leave a lasting impression on people’s minds. Hence, if you want to get your video as the talk of the town, then consider investing in this video template. 

How can I create a stunning cinematic title slideshow opener on a budget?

Many people commonly think that making a slideshow video is complex and expensive; that can only happen if you employ a professional video editor to do the task for you since you’ll end up spending thousands of dollars. Thankfully, with this video template, our prices are pretty affordable. Imagine what it would feel like to pay less and get quality services? 

In case you’re wondering whether you need to pay before or after creating your video? The payment typically comes at the end once done making your video, played a free preview, and liked the outcome. Once done paying, you can download and save your video in different sizes and formats.  

Are you wondering what are some of the main features of this cinematic title maker?

• You can insert numerous video clips.

• It has access to a music library of copyright-free songs.

• It has inbuilt editing tools such as font and color features.

• You can add subtitles.

• It comes with several various video effects and transitions.

• You can crop and drag and drop your video clips.

• It’s easily customizable and user-friendly.

• You can download your video in full HD.

Tips for making a beautiful slideshow

• Pick the best clips for your video

With this template, you can create a video of up to fifty-nine seconds; with such a short duration, it’s essential to pick the best footage for your video without displaying too much because your main goal is to keep your viewers yearning for more. 

• Tell the story

When creating your video, it’s crucial to ensure that your viewers understand the whole concept of the content. The trick is to ensure that your video gets to climax to grab your audience’s attention; however, be cautious not to give them a spoiler. 

• Apply sound effects where applicable

Suppose you want to make your cinematic video dramatic, then you can incorporate the correct atmospheric sound effects such as wind, raindrops, blasts, among others. The sound effects can communicate to your audience the mood of your video.

• Creatively pick the background music

Background music plays a significant role when it comes to making a video. For that reason, it’s vital to make sure that you’re using the correct type of song for your video. Consider selecting a kind of music that’s attractive and can capture your viewer’s attention.


If you’ve gotten to this point, you can confidently create a professional slideshow video in minutes. Therefore, it’s time to take your business to the next level with this template. 



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