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Make Epic Space Trailer Video Online with After Effects template

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How to take the headache out of creating promo trailer videos?


Trailers are not just for movies anymore. These days businesses use promo trailers to tease about a new brand or product launch. It’s ideal for various artistic projects too, like talent competitions and film festivals.


Compiling your best creative assets to splice together a spectacular trailer takes a lot of time and physical work. If you do it the automated way, it’ll be quicker and easier. Here’s a customizable trailer After Effects template to get your project off the ground.


This pack includes pre-rendered space-themed animation that you can tailor to fit your brand. Now you can get creative and build a buzz for your upcoming events or announcements. Do you want to learn how to make an epic trailer video with this featured template? Fantastic choice! It’s not complicated at all.


Create an epic space trailer instantly


Our website offers hundreds of premade templates for inspiration. Pick the one you like and customize it to your preference. This design lets you insert five video clips or images, 13 taglines, and your logo. It has a total runtime of 42 seconds.


You can customize the background elements quickly with our simple editing tools. Modify the text size, font, colors, and placement to achieve the perfect look. Experiment with typography options, music, and branding elements until you get it right.


Your rendered video will be available for download instantly. Our full HD trailer video (Mp4 format) doesn’t have any watermark. Use it to increase social media shares and likes.


You don’t have to learn how to make a trailer in After Effects anymore!


The template simplifies everything for you. You’ll have a solid framework to ensure you build a high-impact trailer with dynamic animated effects. Command attention with an intriguing story, music, and animation to match. Use our template to keep things structured.


Let me explain how this can help you develop your trailer around a strong narrative with a consistent tone. With it, you can give your story an exciting introductory sequence, middle, and a thought-provoking climax to hook viewers. Whether you’re an amateur or experienced filmmaker, our cloud-based template editor is a handy tool. It renders your footage and images automatically to save you a lot of time.


With our advanced render engine, you’ll get optimal 3D graphics performance without doing any time-intensive editing tasks. It’ll not only reduce the production time and optimize workflow but ensure you create a high-quality trailer. If you’ve been struggling to get Hollywood-style production, this tool can help your creative process.


Different ways to use this epic space trailer After Effects template


Customized video templates offer the most economical and effective way to design studio-quality trailers. One of the best features of motion graphics templates is versatility. All it takes is a few modifications, and you’ll have the perfect trailer for your campaign. You can instantly create:


  • Promotional messages. You can broadcast information about your partners or advertisers with a trailer template.


  • Share pre-film announcements. With our creative text animation and typography options, it’s easy to make quick announcements about your project.


  • Do a teaser sequence. Give viewers a taste of what’s coming without revealing too much. You can hint about unexpected twists in the story with visual cues and sound effects.


  • Feature film preview. Have a movie you want to promote? This trailer concept can be the foundation of your ad design. Use it to boost exposure and generate interest in your project.


If you’re searching for an online editor that doesn’t limit your creativity, your search is over. With our in-browser editing tool, you can update the graphics to display the colors, text, footage, and images you want. You don’t even need expert knowledge or creative design experience to string together your clips for an epic trailer. What this means, in short, is that you don’t have to worry about being a novice.


Try making your movie trailer without paying anything upfront. Like the results? Order your full HD trailer for a low one-time payment or purchase our unlimited monthly subscription instead of paying per download.

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