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Make Real Estate Slideshow Presentation Video In Minutes

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The creation of promotional videos related to the real estate industry has never been easier than our video maker template. With this video template, you can create spectacular real estate presentations with a duration of up to 37 seconds.

You can also insert up to 8 video clips, 33 text lines, and 1 logo image. If you seek a template to create real estate slideshows with unique designs, worry no more, for our real estate intro maker is the perfect tool for the job. Try it out, and you will not regret it since it is the best tool you can ever ask for.


Real estate promo


If you are probably not familiar with the real estate industry, let me shed some light on the matter. The real estate industry is simply one that deals with the construction and sale of a property.

On the other hand, real estate promo videos are simply the promotional tools that investors in the real estate industry can use, both buyers and sellers, not forgetting the contractors.


Where are real estate intros applicable?


The real estate animations that you create from our template are mostly for marketing purposes. They can be adopted in the marketing strategies of contractors and even sellers. This is because they are the best tools to popularize real estate brands due to their unique and authentic designs.


Why choose us


Our video creator template is unique because it is only on it to find great quality and at a low cost. All the videos produced from our template are usually in Full HD, the best quality you can ever need in your videos.


Besides, we allow you to produce a free test video. This will help you be able to check out the errors that the video may have. If there are any, you can correct them before producing the final video.




How to create real estate openers on our template


Follow the steps below to create amazing real estate photo slideshows.


Step 1: Replace the existing content and graphics with your own. Use the image preview to counter-check that everything is as it should be.


Step 2: Select a music track for the collection on our template. You can also upload a music track of your choice from your computer’s hard disk drive.


Step 3: produce a free preview video to check for any errors in your video's contents. Once you are certain that everything is okay, go ahead and make a small payment for the Full HD video to be produced.

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