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Make a Photo Frames Video in minutes with this After Effects template

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Make an outstanding video with photo frames.

Most of us store memories in our photo collection, but there's another creative way to preserve them; with this template, you can bring together all those memories and share them with others. A photo frames video lets you view your entire photo collection without scrolling or flipping through several pages. Now that we know how beneficial a photo slideshow is, how do we create an appealing one?

Wait a minute before we get started; it's vital to understand a photo frames video. Let me define it: a few images are displayed inside realistic photo frames so that the audience can view them; most of the time, it's generally created using video editing software. For instance, this template lets you create a photo gallery slideshow video by inserting at least twenty-eight video clips, fifteen text lines, and a logo image.

By ensuring that you don't exceed a video duration of one minute and ten seconds, you can secretly capture your viewers' attention with a short and precise video. The best thing about a short video is that it ensures that people remain engaged. Plus, the faster the video, the better it will take less time to create and give you a better chance of receiving good reception.

Why do you need to use a photo gallery After Effects template?

Our video editing software is a perfect tool to use when making your video, and there are several online. However, this photo video maker is exceptional, and we guarantee a high-quality production. Below are some of the several reasons to support that.

Professional and high-quality

Imagine how people will feel watching your high-end professional slideshow? The immediate thing that will come to their mind is that you spent so much money hiring an expert video editor to develop such an outstanding production. Whereas the truth is, this template did all the magic for you, and guess what? You only have to part away with a small amount of money.

Unique inbuilt editing tools

Have you ever wondered why some specific videos that you've watched have fantastic effects and transitions? The trick behind that is that the video editing software played a massive role in editing the videos. A video with a specific style and look attracts more viewers since it looks exciting and appealing to the eye.

With that said, this template gives you access to some excellent editing tools like the font and color features that you can use to make changes to your video. For instance, the font feature lets you either resize or change your font style, while the color feature allows you to make a color correction to your video clips.

Music library

Many people find it challenging to add background music to their videos when editing because they can't access royalty-free songs. Luckily, we've made it possible by providing you with a music library of copyright-free songs to add to your video. We understand that people might have different tastes; therefore, we also give you an option to upload music from your device suppose you don't like the songs provided.


Once you produce your video, we give you the option to play a free preview to get your production outcome before downloading and saving it. Suppose you like it, consider paying a small fee, then download and save your video. You can also download your video in many formats and sizes, ideal for sharing on different social media networks.

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