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Top 5 Instagram Marketing Campaigns of 2022

Instagram has always been a great social media platform for visuals. However, when Instagram Stories and Reels came onto the scene, sound and video were added to the picture. Today, video content on Instagram prevails.

Brands of all sizes have used Instagram to market their products with corporate videos that seemed more authentic with public engagement and were well-received by audiences and shared.

Devising an intelligent social media campaign is no easy feat, but with these successful campaign examples, you can see that marketing on Instagram is well within your reach.

#1. Spotify | Wrapped

In 2021, Spotify launched its “Wrapped” campaign, which curated a playlist of the user’s most-played songs throughout the year. The campaign also included a one-touch click-through story with slides detailing the user’s favorite podcasts, artists, and songs.

Wrapped was an instant hit. The easily-shared content soon flooded Instagram stories from its 1.22 billion monthly active users worldwide. The personalized content, colorful visuals, and informative data were a hit — users could reflect on the last year in a unique and fun way.

Since then, Spotify has made it an annual tradition that users continue to love and share on Instagram.

#2. Apple | #ShotOniphone

With the advent of smartphones, everyone fancies themselves as a photographer. The iPhone is one of the best tools to produce stunning photos, and Apple knows it. Apple pitched the #ShotOniphone social media hashtag campaign to promote its brand further.

Sometimes simple is better, and the simple hashtag #ShotOniphone proves it. By simply watermarking or tagging incredible photos with the hashtag, Apple proves the brand reliability of its products and makes them instantly recognizable.

What’s even more incredible is that the marketing campaign was used for Instagram, other social media, and offline advertisements like billboards, proving the marketing power of a simple hashtag.

#3. Starbucks | Baya “Energy That’s Good”

Starbucks’ “Energy That’s Good” campaign for its vitamin C-infused energy drink, Baya, was a rousing success in 2022 as it connected with its audience in a timely fashion.

In 2022, many people were returning to the new normal of a post-Covid world, and Starbucks knew that people were ready for something upbeat and uplifting.

Its “Energy That’s Good” campaign challenged viewers to bring those good vibes to the platform with the hashtag #EnergyMakers.

The response was tremendous, with fans of the challenge making their own good vibes videos by adding music, videos, and foley sound effects to make upbeat energy videos.

#4. National Westminster Bank (NatWest) | Anti-Fraud

One of the most powerful ways for a brand to show its credibility is by educating and safeguarding its audience. This is precisely what NatWest did through a series of Instagram and Facebook posts throughout 2022.

The bank’s regular posts included tips for followers on detecting scams and avoiding fraud in the internet era. With the UK government’s drive against financial scammers, NatWest created content with potent examples, cleverly-worded warnings, and engaging videos to help make its audience aware of potential threats.

With a link to its website for more information, they were able to drive traffic, increase awareness of its brand, and solve a problem in the community.

#5. Dove | #DetoxifyYourFeed

Dove’s annual #DetoxifyYourFeed campaign is a powerful example of how a brand recognizes its audience and can put out a message that resonates with its consumers.

In its 2022 version, Dove showed how toxic beauty advice has been normalized across Instagram and social media and showed parents giving the same advice to their children using AI voices and screen captures.

The impact of the campaign is powerful and hard to forget. It helps educate Dove’s younger audience effectively by promoting healthy beauty appreciation and educating their viewers about safe social media consumption.

Dove’s brand logo is only shown in the article, and its brand is never verbally mentioned once. However, you still come away with valuable information and trust in a brand and company promoting a healthy message.

According to its results, this campaign has “empowered and educated 82 million young people since 2004” and continues to be an annual campaign for Dove.

Insta Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2023

As we make our way into the bright new world of 2023, here are some key trends to consider when building a successful Instagram marketing campaign this year.

The most productive campaigns should include creator-inspired content, brand partnerships, video memes, and nostalgic features. With that in mind and top examples to inspire, a hit Instagram campaign is well within your reach.
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