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Make Gala Opening Cinematic Logo Intro Video In Minutes

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The art of giving through gala events!


Now, life is a beautiful thing. A well-lived life here on earth is one in which you positively impact people and deeply touch their lives. People might forget what you said and even what you once did for them. But trust me. They will never forget how you made them feel.


Now, to significantly impact someone's life, you need to make them feel it. The easiest way to do this is by helping them with something they cannot do independently. Now, you might not be financially capable of impacting many lives simultaneously. But this should not be an excuse for not doing good; trust me, there are other people somewhere who share the same dream as you.


What is the easiest way to unite people with common goals, visions, and a purpose other than organizing a gala event? You thought right; there is none. Now, as cool as a gala event may sound, it's hard to plan it. You have to consider many things before finally making it happen.


Now, a gala event's main objective is to raise a considerable amount of money for a set purpose. You need to attract many people to your event for this to happen. And again, this narrows down to how effectively you market the event. Poor marketing is a significant factor that makes most events fail.


Embrace the cosmos theme with this After Effects template


We have noticed this gap and decided to help you do good. Our role is primarily to help you promote your event in style and thus attract as many people as possible. To help you do this, we have developed advanced software that our animators update daily to ensure that it has all the latest design concepts. We have stocked numerous After Effects templates to suit your diverse design tastes.


Now, most of our After Effects templates are for marketing and branding purposes, and this particular one is no exception. As you can see from the sample video displayed above, this intro template will help you create intro videos based on the cosmos theme. You are probably wondering, what is the cosmos theme?


Now, the cosmos is another word for the universe. And as you already know, it comprises stars, planets, galaxies, and other heavenly bodies. Now, this outro template incorporates some of the objects in the universe, making its theme unique and very colorful. The concept of the magical hand that appears to hold the cosmos makes this template more unique and attractive. 


With this intro and outro template, you can make a gala opening cinematic logo intro video for up to 32 seconds. This is ample time to grab your audience's attention and inform them of all the essential details about your gala event. This video ad template also has space for text lines and logo images.


How to produce a gala opening cinematic logo intro


You may be interested in creating video intros but don't know how. Don't worry. The video production process on our intro maker is effortless. You will create fantastic quality videos using the best video production software.


To start, click the button above. You will access the editing window of this template, where you can input your text lines and logo image. Use the image preview option to ascertain your input. Once satisfied with your content, add a music track to your logo intro animation to make it more captivating.


You can select a song from our logo intro maker or upload one from your device. If you are happy with how the music sounds and confident that your intro video is flawless, produce it in Full HD. To access the Full HD video, you must pay the one-time fee displayed on the template headline.


Try this After Effects template for free and create fantastic intro videos within minutes.

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