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Create a Business Promo Commercial. Try our Marketing Video Maker

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Create a professional business promo video commercial with our online app. Customize this template with our marketing video maker and produce a video in minutes.

You can insert up to 37 text lines, 10 photos or video clips, and your company logo design at the end of the video. The promotional video duration can be adjusted by controlling the speed of the video. In this example, we set the speed 35% slower to give the viewers enough time to read the text.

We created an example promo video with script, footage, and music to help you get inspired to better insert content that fits your business. When you are done uploading your photos, video clips and writing your script. Our advertisement video maker will render a video very fast.

It's never been easier or more affordable to create business videos that look professional, just like you would expect from traditional companies that offer corporate promotional video production.

We are proud to offer the best business video templates and a super-easy online service for DIY promotional videos. It's free to create low-resolution videos with watermark, and we charge a very small one-time fee for delivering a Full HD video.

Our service includes royalty-free music, business footage, and free revisions for correcting mistakes. If you are looking for a short promo video, or just want to animate your business logo, take a look at the intro video category.

If you have lots to say or explain about your business or services that you offer, we have corporate videos and explainer videos with a duration of over 2 minutes. So go ahead and create a video for your business!

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