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Create Book Trailer with Broken Glass Design with our Online Video Maker

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With this trailer video template, you can make a professional book trailer for promoting your e-book. Actually, you can even use it for other purposes that fit with the broken glass effects. It's completely up to you. To customize this template, press the button above to open our online video editor.

Book Trailer Maker

A book trailer maker is a software or web app that you can use for making your own promotional video for showing a sneak peek of your e-book. It's good for advertising and marketing because it sparks the curiosity of a potential buyer.

The fantastic thing about a book promotion video trailer is the unlimited possibilities it offers for imagination. Being a recent marketing technique, there's definitely not any established formula for creating an affordable trailer.

Consequently, a "book promotion video trailer" search on YouTube displays hundreds of examples. Some have high quality, and others are simple trailers made with PowerPoint. Many book promotion video trailers include author interviews, info about the ebook, quotes, and important parts of the story.

How Much it Cost to Make a Book Trailer?

Book promotion video trailers are usually extremely costly, but should you decide to make the trailer video with our online video editor and book trailer creator. It will be very affordable.

If you choose to use a traditional video production company's services, they will do all the work for you, but be ready to spend hundreds of dollars. And if you decide to include actors, animation, voiceovers, etc.; higher quality trailers can cost thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, using our movie trailer creator with a bit of creativity and without having video editing skills, you can easily produce your own trailer.

Create Book Trailer

Publishers and authors who choose to produce their trailer videos with an online trailer maker app decrease costs and keep total control over the production.

We give you all the necessary tools to develop a professional trailer without downloading any software. A trailer doesn't have to cost a fortune to promote your book and excite the readers effectively.

Don't destroy your trailer with amateur voice-overs. A professional-sounding voice-over doesn't cost much nowadays, and we can even provide it for you for less than $50.

Who Watches Book Trailers?

We definitely don't recommend that you pay a lot of money to produce a video with a trailer creator. Go for an affordable online service like ours because most likely it will perform just as well to advertise your book.

After spending hundreds of dollars producing trailers, many writers concluded that it is a waste of money to buy expensive trailers, including the trailers for bestsellers.

Nevertheless, a thriving group of websites focused on showcasing book trailers, and lots of indie publishing houses have good subscription numbers on their YouTube channel.

Book Video

Because the cost of using our online movie trailer maker is quite low, you really have nothing to lose besides a bit of your time. You can start using our book video maker right now for free. It will not cost anything to try.

It's free to create low-resolution mp4 videos. Feel free to explore and customize all our video templates with our online video maker. We only ask for payment if you will decide to produce the Full HD video without a watermark.

Book Trailer Templates

Our video creation tool makes use of hundreds of professionally designed animated video templates. But if for any reason you cannot find a template that you like, send us an email, and we will do our best to add a template that you would be happy to use.

Our team of talented video editors and animators add approximately 3 new templates to our website every day. So, it's easy for us to also add something according to your requirements. Just let us know what kind of design you are looking for.

We are so confident about our video production service that if for any reason you will not be happy with the purchased video, we'll refund your money, no questions asked. Just look around our website for a bit; aren't our templates just amazing? We definitely think so, and that is why we have this 100% money-back guarantee to make your buying decision even easier.
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