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Animate Your Logo With The Best Logo Animation Software on The Cloud

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If you want to create a 3d golden logo animation video, select this video template and easily edit it with the best cloud based logo animation software.

It is free to create low quality videos and it will be ready in minutes after you complete the template customization. The price displayed above is a one-time price for producing 1 Full HD video.

How to create a golden logo video? Just press the button above and use our online video maker to edit the template and upload your logo design. Your logo image should be in png format and be of just 1 color. Then by using special video effects, our video generator will make your logo look like it was made of gold. You can also change the color so it looks like something magical.

The are many logo animation software out there but ours is among the most user friendly and packed with advanced video effects only available on Adobe After Effects.

If this logo template is not what you are looking for, take a look at the other templates below. It's is free to experiment all of them, we only ask for payment if you want to have the high resolution video.
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