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Make 3d Square Ripple Box Logo Video - After Effects template

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How we improved our YouTube intros with After Effects animation video template

With this 3D Square Ripple Box Logo Animation After Effects Template, you can create the best intro and outro videos for YouTube in minutes. Do you want to learn how to make engaging video content that will get you more subscribers? No problem!


Meet the world’s first-ever After Effects video maker. With it, you can double or even triple your video production output. It is fast, precise, intuitive, web-based, and affordable. The editor has the most minimalistic interface you’ll ever see, but it does remarkable work. Yes, we wanted a platform that anyone could use, no matter their skill level or expertise.


Are you tired of spending thousands on hiring agency-vetted professionals for your video projects? You can stop now. Sign up for a free account to start making your intro/outro video for your business.


What are YouTube intro and intro videos with logo reveal After Effects?


Have you ever heard the term - video bumpers? It is the same as a video trailer intro. The purpose of this content is to emphasize your introductions and logo for branding. Fundamentally, it does three things: hook your audience, draw them in, and stimulate curiosity.


The aim of an outro or end slate is to promote awareness. It focuses on the distinct characteristics of your brand and the value it holds. Your end slate relies on the strength of your opening segment to keep viewers interested in what you're advertising. Adding an appropriate CTA or call-to-action is also necessary.


Our all-in-one video editor provides all the resources you need to make stunning animated intros and outros for YouTube quickly. Using our customizable motion graphics templates, you can personalize the placeholders to match the tempo of your brand. How do you become a creator of meaningful advertising that has explicit beginnings and endings? Everything is possible with our user-friendly intro and outro maker.


How to make an intro and outro for YouTube with animated After Effects in minutes


If you missed it earlier, you need an account to get started. So, if you haven’t done so, create one now. Once logged in, click Make a Video to access our template gallery. Then, choose the one you like. Each design has an Edit Template and Make a Video button that you can use to launch the editing tool.


Say, for example, you select this 3D Square Ripple Box Logo template for your project; your video will be 6 seconds long. Following the best practices of creating high-value intros and outros for YouTube, our trailers are the most time-efficient. Also, remember presentation is everything, so avoid clutter as much as possible (do not add unwanted elements). You should only upload your best logo image and your text (1 line).


The animation video template has predefined sections where you should insert your media. And, don’t worry about your inexperience because the video maker renders your files automatically. Even if you don’t know how to make a YT intro, this will produce an epic trailer for you. And, guess what? You get your final video immediately. Not in days, weeks, or months, just 30 minutes!


What is the benefit of using the best online intro video creator software for YouTube?


You create content for your viewers to consume as much of it as possible. However, this can go wrong if your videos lack substance. You can save yourself the headache, frustration, and disappointment if you use our online video editor to design the best 3D square logo. Let me explain the advantages of using this method.

  • Increase brand trust. Personal branding helps you to establish identity. It highlights value, authenticity, vision, differentiation, personality, and commitment. How you present your intros can be a determining factor that rates your trustworthiness. Our editing tool will help you maintain consistent content formats to encourage positive engagement and increase brand recall.


  • Get viewers hooked, interested, and begging for more before their curiosity declines. Yes, we know 7 seconds is a short time to make a lasting first impression. Well, it is possible, and our remarkable online video creator can help make awesome intros that command undivided attention.


  • Professional intro videos. Well-created intro videos with dynamic After Effects box logo animation will reel in your viewers effortlessly. We use timeless modern designs that appeal to varying demographics.

Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription and get instant access to premium services. Produce as many video projects as possible without restriction. Preview all your trailers for accuracy before final production. Sample our newest exclusives as they become available. Are you a startup looking to resell your creations? Our premium members are eligible for reseller rights. 
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