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Create A 3d Particles Animation Photo Slideshow For YouTube

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This template is made to advertise a business or a product with cool particles, explosion animation effects, inspiring music, and a slideshow with photo filters.

If you are looking for a great slideshow trailer type of video under 1 minute, you are at the right place. Special effects will blow the mind of your viewers from watching this amazing photo slideshow.

How to make an animation video with 3d particles?

To create something like that, you need to possess great video editing software skills and have good knowledge as an animator. In this particular template, animators used a plugin called Particular to creates nice particle animation explosions for scene transitions. There are thousands of particles that were animated to explode at the same time.

Nicely places lighting and the animated camera made it all happen. Stunning transitions with the cool color themes and motivating music in the background create this slideshow's appealing look.

How to make a photo slideshow for YouTube channel?

There are many ways to do it, or you can even try to do it yourself. However, it will take you a long time to learn video editing software, and you need to be ready to have great expenses.

What we are offering is an online video editor that does all the learning for you. By completing a few simple steps, you will end up with an amazing photo slideshow for your YouTube or any other social media channel.

Step 1 - edit the template by inserting your images or videos, logo files, and text. You can also adjust the colors of the background, special effects, and text to match the theme of your product.

Step 2 - produce a sample low-quality video, check for errors, and fix them all.

Step 3 - Create an HD quality video by paying a one-time small fee for it or buying a monthly subscription if you plan to make more HD videos.

All of this can be done in a matter of minutes, thanks to our sophisticated online video editing software. By saving time and a lot of mine on advertising video production, you will reach your goal much faster and cheaper.

After you produce an HD quality video, you need to upload it to YouTube, Facebook, or any other channel you signed up for. You will get .mp4 format file in FULL HD 1920x1080 dimensions. It is the most acceptable format file on any website.

However, if you require a specific format for your video, send us a request through email. We will do our best and fastest to accommodate you with your request and render your slideshow video in the format you require.

Enough was said, time to create an amazing slideshow advertising video with 3d particle animation effects. Go ahead and click the button above to start the easy process, and we are sure that you will be delighted with the result. Also, look at our great subscription offer, which can save you a lot of money for mass video production.
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