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This template is designed to create a promotional video for any mobile app. It has a beautiful overall look with 3d animated mobiles phone, where the user can upload images or video footage of their choice to it.

This template was composed of different video footage of people - actors with a nice home environment to show how easy anything can be done from a mobile phone by using just an app for it.

Where can you use the mobile app promo video?

The video that you get by using our online editor tool, can be uploaded to any website of your choice. It could be a YouTube site or a Facebook page or any other social network, it will look great and present your mobile app to all the viewers of that channel.

Nowadays, the market for any mobile app is very competitive. To get to a front page of searches or YouTube, you can do a lot of SEO and have a great-looking descriptive video advertising on all sites that is possible.

The more people see your mobile app video, the more potential customers you can get for your business. It is essential to present your app in descriptive unique video advertising, that can show all the capabilities of it to people, who would be interested in such products or services.

Never the less mobile app advert has to be in high-quality and look very professional, otherwise, it will give a wrong message to your viewers. Video advertising is a sort of your face of your business and how professional you are in what you do.

How to use our video editor in 3 steps?

1. Step one - you need to click a button above to start. It will take you to our online video editing tool. The process of which is very simple and easy in use.

2. Step two - you need to upload your video footage or images to all scenes where it's possible, insert the text, and upload the logo to the last scene of this template together with details of your website. After that choose a music track from our library or use your own.

3. Step 3 - Click the button "Produce Video" and our video editor with composing your details with a template in After Effects software and produce a sample video for you to see if you made any errors in text or any other mistake. You also have a chance to upload different footage or images at no cost.

After the mistakes were fixed and you are totally happy with a sample, you can produce HD quality video for a small fee or by buying our subscription if you plan to come back and use our video editor again t produce more high-quality videos, logo intros, or movie trailers.

No point to hesitate any longer. Press the button above and become a producer of your mobile app video ad. Our editing software can save you a lot of time and money and still bring you an astonishing result for your advertising.
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