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Make Good Movie Trailer Video Online with After Effects template

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Here’s why you need an outstanding movie trailer for your upcoming film

Do you want to learn how to make a movie trailer like the pros? The best movie promo videos are usually short. You can squeeze a story content of two hours into a 30 seconds video. The magic of a trailer video is to tell the story without telling the whole story.

With this video template, you can tell your story in a duration of 36 seconds. We all know how a movie creation process can be a tedious task, and sometimes you might think you’ve finished all the post-production; that’s when it hits you that you need a movie promo video. The good thing is that creating a trailer video isn’t a complex task, especially with the help of this video template.


It’s vital to note that a trailer video will help you advertise and market your film and sell it before you send your art into the world. For example, in this case, you can create an outstanding title trailer video by inserting up to 11 text lines and a logo image. We’ve simplified this video creation process even for beginners by designing a user-friendly template.

What is a movie trailer?

A trailer video refers to short previews of a section of content that displays scenes and the general plot and atmosphere of a piece of media. A trailer is usually a compilation of scenes from a feature film edited together. The scenes are typically designed to introduce the viewers to the film and lure them to watch the entire movie.

Usually, trailers are the first version of a movie that we see, and for that reason, they ought to be of the best quality since they act as a first impression. A trailer is a key determinant if people will watch the film or not; for that matter, it must be engaging. The more attractive a trailer is, the more people will pay to watch your movie.

Most trailers, when created, they intensify our emotions. For example, watching a trailer for an action movie will generate excitement, whereas horror trailers will give you a tense feeling. Trailers provide the guarantee that a particular movie is worth watching.

What makes a good movie trailer?

Keep it short and precise.

A good trailer needs to be brief to capture people’s attention; it should be 30 seconds long. Sometimes it also depends on which platform you’ll advertise your trailer. For example, you can post a three-minute trailer on YouTube; however, not recommended for TV with modern advertisements.

Match the tone

Another critical factor in creating a good trailer is the tone. It’s essential to ensure that your trailer matches the whole film so that you won’t leave your viewers confused. If the style of your trailer video doesn’t match your movie, then selling your movie will be challenging.

Find suitable music

Creating a good trailer is one thing; however, incorporating a fantastic background music track will flavor the video. The good thing about this video template is that it has different music tracks to add to your video.


We’ve made creating a particle beam title special effects trailer video with the above template. The good news is that you don’t have to break your bank account to purchase this video template. Our prices are pretty affordable.

The advantage of using this template is that you can download your video in different sizes and formats, making it ideal for you to share on various social media platforms.

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