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Make Podcast Intro Video Online with After Effects template

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Here's how to make a podcast intro

Are you a podcaster looking to create an outstanding intro video for your podcast? We have created a podcast intro maker that offers a simple and elegant way to make your introduction video as a video production company. The video creation process is quite simple; you only need to insert one video clip, six text lines, and two logo images into the video template.

After that, you can edit your video using the built-in editing tools to customize your project according to your style. Please ensure that your video duration doesn't exceed twenty seconds; otherwise, it may come out too long and can easily distract your viewers. With this template, you can welcome listeners to your podcast with a fantastic introduction video that's professional and high-quality.

When creating your video, it's essential to have a well-produced intro that can attract more listeners to your podcast; for that reason, please give a proper welcome and introduction. With a short video clip, you can tell your listeners who you are, what your brand stands for, and the benefits your listeners stand to gain. A podcast introduction video will give your episodes a polished and original look; plus, it raises the production value of your show and helps you compete with other podcasters.

What's a podcast intro

The first impression is everything, so it is crucial to have a killer introduction video by quickly creating a high-value experience that persuades listeners to invest their time and listen to your podcast. If you don't excite people rapidly, you'll fail to attract new listeners and grow your podcast. A good introduction video, together with your cover art, creates assurance for your listeners.

Why? Because it explains the podcast's purpose, introduces the speaker, and helps the listener know the value they'll receive by listening. It's vital to note that listeners will use the introduction video to choose if they want to invest their time, so inviting is crucial. Your podcast introduction can be anything you want, but it's typically a simple video with a short voice-over and background music.

It can introduce the name of your podcast, a short and precise explanation of the show, and the host. Including such information in your video shows professionalism, and people will see the value. When adding background music, you can select a copy-right-free track from the music library in the template.

When creating your introduction video, here are some things that you can include:

  • The podcast name: Include your show's name to let people know what they're listening to.
  • Episode Title: Always remember to include the title
  • Episode number: The importance of having the episode's number is that it creates the timeline and enables listeners to match your audio content.
  • The hosts' names: Don't forget to introduce yourself and your co-host.



The above template gives you a chance to grow your podcast. Not only is it affordable, but it's user-friendly; no video editing experience is required to create your video. You need to log into your account on our website, select the template, and start building your video. You can comfortably make your introduction video in the comfort of your home.

Our podcast intro maker will take your business to the next level and make you stand out from your competition. So, consider creating your video and joining other successful podcasters.

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